Sep 16, 2009


Memes come and go like summer love, so it's best to grab on and have fun while the having's good. This particular meme comes from Topless Robot, and the saying WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS comes from an errantly sent e-mail regarding the site's publication of a racy, Pokemon-themed bit of fan fiction. Here's the e-mail that sparked off what might be pretty popular on the internet:

HOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? I wanna know whose idea was this RIGHT NOW. Who did this on purpose, huh? I found this little secret and I'm so angry I wanna know who did this and why or I'll report everyone here to the site moderaters on this website and Yiffstar and have the one responsible BANNED FOR LIFE. NOW TELL ME WHO DID THIS NOW?

Now, you may think it's a silly thing to build an online sensation over, but that's the way the internet works, my friends.

Meme: Whose Responsible This?

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