Feb 21, 2008

Now My GRE Scores Are Official

A lot has been going on in the Olde Lifee lately, and I'm proud to admit that I was wrong about my GRE Scores. I must have been so damn excited to have broken the 1000 mark that I didn't realize that it was my Verbal Score which was a 610. The math score was a 570. 1180 still. No change there. But I did better on the verbal than first thought, so I'm excited.

Also, I found a video I think everyone should watch. It involves a lion and a person and NO violence. Hurray! No, it's cool. If you've never seen a lion hug a person before, here's your chance. Visit the link below:


I've finished the first big edit of my third novel, 'The Marquis Man.' I cut nearly 20,000 words from it. The book went from about 125,000 words to 105,000. Not a bad edit. Plus, I'm in the process of changing the name of the book from 'Marquis Man' to something else. Some of the names I've been tossing around are:

'Out in the City'
'Down and Out in the City'

And so on. You can see a theme there. I'm just in the brainstorming phase right now, so don't boo the names too badly just yet. Have a good afternoon. Let me know if you saw the lunar eclipse last night and if you were impressed. Toodles.

Feb 14, 2008

Happy VD

Here's a little story I heard that will spice up your Valentine's Day:

A woman in Germany sold sex on the internet as an auction to the highest bidder. A pretty abstract thing to sell, but whatever works.

Well, when the online auction was over, six men tied for the highest bid. So what did this prosperous young woman do? She decided to have sex with all six of them!

Well, you probably can guess what happened next, but if you can't, I'll tell you. She got pregnant and sued to auction company for a paternity test. But since the men involved signed anonymity agreements, the company refused to release the names.

She eventually won the court case and now the men have to handle over DNA to prove who is the father. Hmm. That's got to be the worst value on the internet. First of all, you have to share your prize with five other guys - I wonder if the sixth guy got a discount - and then you get the girl pregnant!?!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 8, 2008

'Friday Night Lights' May Have A New Home

According to The Hollywood Insider, the unsure future of the critically-adored show 'Friday Night Lights' still looks as tumultuous as ever.


unlike other similar situations in years' past (Arrested Development, anyone?), NBC has the foresight to know that it might be better to move the show to another network or station rather than close down production outright.

Keep your fingers crossed.


And, speaking of Arrested Development, there's yet more evidence that an AD movie is in the works. Purportedly, Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Bateman have been contacted regarding a possible theatrical release.

Ricky Gervais, Jonah Hill, Louis CK in This Side of the Truth

Rotten Tomatoes is reporting that Ricky Gervais is set to direct his first feature, This Side of the Truth, starring himself as the protagonist and Jonah Hill and Louis CK as his erstwhile supporting cast. No other real news on that yet.

Feb 7, 2008

GRE Results

Okay, you can give the edge of your seat a rest...for now. I took the GRE on Monday, and, as far as I can tell, I rocked it.

Well, I say that, but my being satisfied doesn't necessarily mean that I knocked the thing off its ass. 1180. 570 Verbal. 610 Quantitative. 1180 isn't Einstein, but it's at least, I don't know, Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay's intelligence level, right? And they're pretty f*cking smart.

The writing scores still have to come back, but if I don't pass those, I might as well give up on the idea of graduate school all together.

Feb 5, 2008

'Super' Tuesday

The IQ and the life expectancy of the average American recently passed each other in opposite directions.
~George Carlin

I think in the deepest part of me that I am at least a marginally optimistic person. However much I'd like to convince myself of such a fact, I can only find that the idea of 'Change' in an election in 2008 is a stupid, silly fucking idea. To be a contender in the election, one must inherently be a part of the system.

So doesn't that bring into question the Democratic candidates' platforms? Eight years ago, Bush 43 (even though he wasn't quite Bush 43 quite yet) ran on the whole 'Washington Outsider' thing. Remember that? He was such an outsider, he didn't have a goddamned clue what he was doing.

Now, once Obama or Hillary gets chosen for the nomination, I hope that this whole idea of change goes away, unless one of them plans on going into Congress with a machine gun and armed mercenaries. Now THAT would make for an interesting election.

I'm almost positive that Hillary wouldn't do such a thing, because she likes being privy to the power of governmental function. I'm sure that a lot of crusty white people may think that Obama would, though. Which is one reason why I'm sort of leaning toward the left this time around (as opposed to last time, which was to vote for ANYONE but George W. Bush). What srikes fear in the hearts of Republicans the most, a black guy or a woman (who's also a Clinton!)?

Of course, I'm only kidding, sort of. But when or if you go into the booth today, don't fool yourself. We're all stomping on the same bag of dog shit, hoping to put the fire out. I don't even know what that means, but I liked the sound of it, so it's going into this post.

The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, “You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.”
~George Carlin

Feb 1, 2008

Help Stop Hunger! Be Smart!

If you go to FreeRice.com you can take an online vocabulary quiz. For every answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

It's a good cause. So if you're smart, or think you are, then use your time-wasting skills to help those less fortunate than yourself. I would say you don't even have to think about it, but since it's vocab, you probably will.

Wii Will Get Rock Band!

I just found This Article this morning, and even though there's no release date or details, Wii will get Rock Band. Woo-Hoo!