Feb 12, 2006

It's been a While, old friend. . .

Hey one, hey all. I know you've all been on the edge of your seats, waiting for me to get back to enrich your boring lives. Well, here goes, kids!

I'm in a new house and I can't reveal why I had to move (I won't say that a pewer line broke and a whole bunch of sPit covered the floors and ruined some of my stuff, but whatever). It's an old three bedroom house on South Milledge in Athens (Two words - Sorority Houses) and I really love it. Try your best not to stalk me now.

I've been writing a lot. I've sent plenty of stories out and am just waiting for correspondence. Keep your fingers crossed so you can see my name - and words, ya bums - in print. I've been rejected a few times and probably will a few hundred thousand times more, but hey, who's complaining? I'm also working on a novel, but that probably won't get finished, if you know my work habits.

I'm currently reading Black Cherry Blues by James Lee Burke. He's a fantastic crime writer who created a character named Dave Robicheaux, a cop in Louisiana. He's pretty damn awesome. He describes everything so well and the stories are so good. Burke makes everything seemm so easy, it should intimidate other authors.

I just finished The Dead Zone. It's not THE best Stephen King I've read, but it's not far from it. I would probably put it just below Dreamcatcher - which I really enjoyed - and maybe just above Cujo. It's an extremely good book.

There's an approaching ice storm and everybody - Maran, Johnny, and I - is hoping that we'll get work cancelled or something. Two of our friends live in New York and they've gotten over 26 in. so far (That's the most ever), so HA! Klyde and Tabitha, you guys are gonna freeze!

Dick Cheney shot someone yesterday. i can't wait to see the jokes on late night t.v.

I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen and have been for the last two weeks. Neither Johnny nor I can get 'Blinded by the Light' out of our heads - Manfred Mann did NOT write that song, by the way.