Sep 13, 2009

'Survival of the Dead' Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at the new George A. Romero movie, Survival of the Dead, about humans surviving off the coast of North America post-zombie-apocalypse. It's not anything particularly novel, especially from the man who basically invented the zombie sub-genre of horror, but it may be enjoyable nonetheless. The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting review of it posted online:

George A. Romero's latest zombie fest, "Survival of the Dead," is a polished, fast-moving, entertaining picture whose mainstream success will depend on audiences' tolerance of its tendency to become an abattoir of extreme carnage.

'Polished' and 'fast-moving' are not adjectives generally associated with Romero's zombie flicks. Romero usually treats these flicks with an old-school style of slow burn, building the tension to a mad crescendo, but, alas, times have changed. After the release of a somewhat disappointing bit of social commentary masked in blood and guts called 'Land of the Dead', he bounced back with an entertaining, smallish production in 'Diary of the Dead' (which I enjoyed enormously). Let's hope that 'Survival' is one of the fittest of his post-'Day' apocalyptic visions (I couldn't help myself with the pun).

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