Sep 10, 2009

'Don't Copy That Floppy' 2: The Sequel

I don't know if you remember MC DP - Disc(k?) Protector - and his rap excoriating the practice of illegally copying games via floppy disk. It was called "Don't Copy That Floppy" and it's hilariously - almost satirically - out of date today. When it came out in 1992, I was in no place to own a computer, so the message went right over my head. I remember seeing it, but I had to watch it again to refresh my memory.

I guess that collective dementia is why they remade it to account for the kind of piracy going on today, with MC DP returning to his duties as the Grand Inquisitor of internet and media piracy in "Don't Copy That Floppy Two". In the background of the new vid, you can see the original DCTF(and I also have it posted below, just in case).

Here's the original, in case you don't remember it.

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