Sep 28, 2009

New 'Nightmare' Trailer

So the new 'Nightmare' trailer has been released, and it actually looks pretty good. Jackie Earle Haley definitely has the cred to pull of Freddy, but the rest of the cast looks kind of...vanilla. Tame. Perhaps that was the purpose. It does look entertaining, though.

One thing I noticed - and I may be mistaken here - but from the trailer it looks as though the movie might (like the Friday reboot) tackle the first two movies in a single go. I saw elements from the original and another scene at a party that looked vaguely reminiscent of the second movie. Could be.

Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox-Arquette, and David Arquette have all signed on to do 'Scream 4', and Bob Weinstein has approached Wes Craven to direct, says Variety. The movie will be the first installment into what they hope to be a trilogy.

Looks like the Halloween franchise isn't done, even if Rob Zombie is done with it. Rumor is the third installment will shoot in 3D, as will 'Scream 4'.

[Dimension Goes Back to Its Roots]


  1. have you posted about paranormal activity? i've been hearing awesome things.

  2. No, but now I will. Thanks, sir!