Sep 1, 2009

How To: Make A Kegerator

Kegerators, outside the college domain, are widely unknown, but they're simple in premise: a cheaper way to have draught beer at home. It's a refrigerator with a self-contained CO2 regulation unit to keep up a constant pressure on the beer, which affects the long-term quality of it.

You can easily just purchase a kegerator, but they run, on average, a price of at least four hundred bucks, which, for the strapped college student, just isn't in the cards. Now, over the course of four years, it would probably pay for itself - depending on your taste in beer and level of consumption - but for the average consumer, that's just an extravagant price.

Over at - a beer blog - they ingeniously give simple, clear steps on how to make your very own home kegerator system without shelling out too much money. The first step - beyond buying the fridge to modify, of course - goes as follows:

The 1st step was popping off the top, it was pretty simple. Just 8 screws and it was off. Once off, take the measurements of the freezer, and then cut your 2×4’s to meet those measurements. I connected the 4 pieces with ‘L’ brackets in each corner, and 2 wood screws and wood glue in each of the joints. I drilled 2 holes in each side for the carriage bolts. Once finished, placethe structure on the freezer and verify it fits as in the picture.


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