Sep 14, 2009

11 Hidden Secrets in Fight Club

This is sort of an ode to something older, but since it's 'Fight Club' I'm going to let it ride. It deserves to be seen. Besides, anyone who's ever seen 'FC' knows it cannot be parsed out in a single viewing.

11 Points has uncovered, well, 11 Points you may not have noticed on the first (few) viewings of 'Fight Club'. There are even a few things I myself have never noticed, and I had to have watched that movie twenty-five times on DVD.

Here is a little snippet to get you over to that sight:

This is a quick, subtle hint early on that Tyler isn't real. When the Narrator's condo blows up, he calls Tyler from a payphone, with no answer. Then, a few seconds later, the phone rings. As the Narrator goes to answer it, the camera zooms in on some text on the payphone that reads, "No incoming calls accepted." In other words -- Tyler could not have called him back, because this phone cannot ring.

11 Hidden Secrets in Fight Club

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