Sep 6, 2009

Super Mario World - Item Abuse - TAS Level

The above rendition of a Super Mario World level is decidedly TAS. No human being could complete such a level without some form of assistance. TAS stands for Tool-Assisted-Speedrun, and there is an entire web site devoted to them. You may not be impressed if you see that the player isn't really performing the acrobatic feats onscreen, but that's not what TAS is about. These vids are about level construction, more or less, and this level - Item Abuse - is one of the most impressive ones I have ever seen. Below is the Wikipedia Explanation for TAS.

A tool-assisted speedrun (abbreviated TAS) is a speedrun movie or performance of a video game produced by means of emulation and using features unavailable to regular players, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame advance of the gameplay, and re-recording of previous portions of a performance. The idea is that such "tools" compensate for human limitations in skill and reflex, facilitating gameplay techniques that are otherwise impossible or prohibitively difficult. Producers of tool-assisted speedruns do not compete with so-called "unassisted" speedrunners of video games.

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