Sep 22, 2009

Nic Cage Superman Photos Leaked, er, Released

If you have never heard Kevin Smith tell the story of the Superman movie that never was, then you should rent 'An Evening with Kevin Smith'. Now.

Ostensibly, Kevin Smith was signed on to do the script for a reboot of the franchise, entitled 'Superman Lives', though after Tim Burton was hired to direct - and apparently Tim Burton and Kevin Smith don't see eye-to-eye - Smith was canned. No blame. The story Smith related could have well been fudged a hair to support his story, and that's all right.

But it still does not explain the photos of Nic Cage in Kal-El's gear, now does it? Nic Cage may seem a strange choice for the Man of Steel, but you must remember what kind of uber-fan the guy is. He even named his son Kal-El (I kid you not!), so that may explain some of the oddness of the situation.

You can also read the Kevin Smith-penned script at script-o-rama.

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