Sep 23, 2009

Watchmen: Ultimate Cut Adds 'Black Freighter'

I just read over at BamKapow! that Warner Bros. is releasing another, even-fuller version of the movie, complete - now - with the Black Freighter thrown in for good measure. I knew I should have waited.

I knew I should have waited. In my impulsiveness, I couldn't help but get the Blu-Ray version the first time around. But I can't be completely to blame, since it came out two days before my birthday, and with no one to buy it for me, really, I had to do something, right?

Here is some more info from The Examiner:

Along with this updated version of the film, Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, will also include two all new commentaries by Director Zack Snyder and Illustrator Dave Gibbons and over 3 hours of special features (see specs below), along with the complete collection of the Watchmen motion comics.

It hits stores November 3, 2009.

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