Sep 11, 2009

Two Guys On Beer

No, I didn't mistype it. At first I also thought it should be "Two Guys One Beer", but that's neither here nor there. Needless to say, beyond my juvenile humor, the show itself is pretty self-explanatory. From the site:

Most of what you will see is episodes – Johnny [Bilotta] and I [Dave Martorana] reviewing beer, talking about the brewery, the style and its heritage, etc. Sometimes, we’ll have special shows – we call them “TGOB Specials” – and they can vary from interviews to covering beer events such as Oktoberfest.

I've posted the 100th episode special, where they review - and drink - Flying Dog's take on the Oktoberfest, 'Dogtoberfest'. The episodes are decidedly short and informational, and they make me wish I'd thought of the idea first.

You can visit the web site, subscribe to their feed on YouTube or follow them on Twitter. They seem like very nice guys, and it appears as though they're just getting started on this project, even though they're 100 episodes in, so give them some support. I can get behind just about anybody who drinks good beer.


  1. Wow, that's such an awesome review! We're glad you like the show. We certainly do our best and try to improve each time we get in front of the camera.

    Thank you for posting about the show - we're totally humbled!

  2. I really enjoy the show. Can't find too many video reviews of good beer on the web! Keep it up. I would have said more, but I need to watch more of the series to get a better sense of what beer styles you enjoy most.