Sep 10, 2009

Derren Brown Predicting The Lottery Numbers

Derren Brown is an English illusionist, and the other night he "predicted" the British lottery numbers sort of live. "The BBC Rules" wouldn't allow him to do it beforehand, but he "did it" nonetheless. It's a complicated set-up and a masterful bit of trickery, so watch the video for yourselves. It is impressive, only because we know not how he did it. Apparently, a segment will air on Friday night - at 9 pm - to explain the trick (I think), and to me that will be the amazing part.

I respect illusionists, only if they subtly wink at the audience with their "magic" to let us know they're not self-centered enough to believe it's real. It's only when they pretend it's real - ahem, religious figures - that I become an overbearing skeptic. People, on the whole, are entirely too credulous, and turning them into sheep entirely too easy, so, people, always be skeptical. Okay, I'm off my podium now.

If you want to find out how the most disgusting of these people operate - John Edward and the like - spend a few minutes at the James Randi Foundation Site. James Randi has devoted his life to exposing hucksters and charlatans for the, well, hucksters they truly are.

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