Sep 17, 2009

Half-Life 2 "Vocal" Mod

Modding is a subtle art in video games. To use a cliche, there's a reason professionals exist. But every so often a mod comes around that's so original and yet so silly that you can't help but think it's genius. YouTube User Trace666 took Half-Life 2 and replaced all sounds in the game - yes, ALL sounds - and replaced them with his own voice.

Now, you may think it's juvenile, but it's all very well-orchestrated so I have much respect for the modder. That being said, I don't know if I would adjust to the sounds over time, or if they would slowly build to a crescendo in my mind and slowly drive me crazy. It would be a nice experiment to take on. If you really want to see all of this in action, watch at least to 3:40 in the video, because a long stretch in the beginning deals only with showing off the weapons' capabilities.

P.S. I had trouble viewing it in HQ, but once I downgraded to normal quality, everything worked just fine.

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