Sep 2, 2009

Canned Cheeseburgers and Powdered (non-alcoholic) Beer

Being an outdoorsman(person?) has taken on a new meaning in the last decade or so. Used to, going out in the wilderness meant sacrificing certain aspects of civilization, like cheeseburgers. You lived on baked beans and whatever you did or did not catch in the lake and that was that. Mark Twain used the term Roughing It, and that seemed to fit just fine.

But alas, those days are no more, because you can enjoy such luxuries - from Trek N Eat - like the cheeseburger in a can, or, as the photo above suggests, powdered beer (non-alcoholic beer flavored water, actually).

The new motto of Europe’s largest outdoor trade fair is “Innovation and Technology” and it sets its focus on the outdoor lifestyle trend with a special emphasis on sustainable products. This trend is also being followed by the Katadyn Group, which will roll out numerous product innovations in Friedrichshafen from July 16–19. They include the multifunctional Katadyn MyBottle – the perfect drinking system satisfying all needs.

The new Katadyn MyBottle offers unique value inside: In addition to its trendy design and easy handling, its integrated three-stage water filter makes it the perfect choice for active people used to enjoying their autonomy in an outdoor environment. It is available in two variants: as the MyBottle water filter and as the MyBottle drinking bottle.

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