Sep 7, 2009

Last Blood: Graphic Novel

Last Blood is a B&W graphic novel about the zombie apocalypse. Hold on. It's also about vampires protecting the last of the humans from said other undead menace, and it's free online. The team working on it also uploads a new page every Saturday, so once you catch up, it won't take much effort to stay afloat with it. It seemed to have started in 2006, so you do the math.

The first scene involves a zombie breaking through his watery grave and attacking some bikini-clad girls on the beach, and then it cuts to a time later to fill in backstory. It's not bad, and it's free, so I can't complain too much. Zombies are my faves, obviously, and even adding vampires into the mix doesn't really bum me out THAT much.

The author, Bobby Crosby, also includes commentary below each page - at least I think that's who provides the commentary - but if you don't scroll down, you don't really see it, so it doesn't really matter. 'Last Blood' Definitely has a 'Walking Dead' vibe to it, but it's earnest and sort of in the DIY low-budget spirit, so I thought I would include it on the blog. Enjoy.

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