Aug 30, 2009

?Cloverfield 2 Teaser Trailer?

I have to admit that I am just a big fan of the first Cloverfield flick. I know, I know. It uses a drawn-out first act (ostensibly to make you "care" about the characters and/or make the movie seem more "real") in order to set up a pretty frantic and - I have to say - kick-ass second and third acts. Sure the movie runs into some trouble towards the end, and I'm not a huge fan of the ending, but it's still a pretty good, though gimmicky, flick.

And it also had a pretty good take at the box office as well, so it wasn't a surprise to me to see what seems to be a teaser trailer for the sequel while I was trolling the internet the other day. I found a post on Topless Robot that points out a few noticeable things, like the sign near the end that appears to say Cloverfield. Either way, let's see where this viral video marketing thing takes us.

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