Aug 20, 2009

Avatar Teaser Trailer

The trailer for James Cameron's new film, Avatar, has been eerily hard to find on the internet, but here's the link ot it on Apple's site.

My first impressions: It looks...meh. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's something intriguing about it just because James Cameron did it, but that alone doesn't make me want to make out with it. I mean, they are marketing it with the 'from the director of TITANIC' thing, which, to me, seems weird. I know it's the most popular film in the history of forever, but for science-fiction's sake, shouldn't it be saying 'from the director of T2: Judgment Day' or 'from the director of Aliens' or, at the very least, 'from the writer of First Blood: Part II'? I mean, if we want people to go see the movie and everything.

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  1. I almost posted about the teaser yesterday. (Then I realized I didn't know how to link it to the post.) I'm more excited about Avatar after seeing the trailer than before. I'd honestly felt James Cameron had documentaried himself out of relevance. He might still have, but his first fiction feature in FOREVER looks sweet.