Aug 28, 2009

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

Rather than review Halloween II - all of the things I want to say about it would more-or-less spoil the movie - I rather decided to look to the future and talk about a couple of Rob Zombie's upcoming projects. His animated feature, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, will be released on DVD September 22nd, and apparently it pushes out to the very extreme of animated filth. Of Superbeasto, Zombie said, "All these animators from studios like Disney came to work on it, and [they're thrilled because] they get to work on something filthy. It's probably rated XXX now, but we'll have to cut it back to an R."

With the release of H2 today, the internet is also circulating the rumor that Zombie will tackle yet another remake and make his version of 1958's The Blob. Although he's denied the idea of remaking another film, there is some evidence that The Blob is a go. Screencrave had this to say:

He’s obviously changed his tune, because according to the trade this deal is done. The original Blob centered on “an object from space that crashes into a field, containing a red blob-like substance that absorbs the humans it contacts and grows exponentially.” In Zombie’s vision for the film, the red goop has got to go.

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