Aug 27, 2009

'Collision' Preview

Odd couples make for interesting pairings. At least that's what seems to be driving the new documentary, Collision, starring Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson, in which they finally meet after two years of intense, scholarly debate over the question, Is Christianity good for the world? There is a healthy debate going on in the intellectual community - has been for the last five or so years - over this very question, in one form or another, and Collision seems to be a more professionally-produced version of this debate.

In May 2007, leading atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian apologist Douglas Wilson began to argue the topic “Is Christianity Good for the World?” in a series of written exchanges published in Christianity Today. The rowdy literary bout piqued the interest of filmmaker Darren Doane, who sought out Hitchens and Wilson to pitch the idea of making a film around the debate.

With the advent of Youtube and other media outlets, what would have been obscure debates on various college campuses years ago now litter the internet landscape, and I for one am excited by such a fact.

'Collision' marks one of the more professional of these, as it is a documentary and not a mere debate. You can view the first seven or so minutes above or the first thirteen minutes on the official web site. Also, if you're aching for watching more theological debate, go to Youtube and type in any of your favorite modern theologians or scholars, and you're likely to find something intriguing.

You can also pre-order the movie at

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