Aug 29, 2009

Art Based on "Why Work Doesn't Always Work"

I'm not an art aficionado - I hardly have a talent for it - but I do like to point out when something intrigues me, and the work art I've seen on the internet definitely fits the bill. Especially art, I might add, made during the weekly slog in an office. What better way to typify the office experience than with pseudo-rebellious art? discusses the idea at great length:

Sisyphus Office is an exhibition organized by San Francisco based artist, curator, and co-founder of The Thing Quarterly, Jonn Herschend and based out of Skydive, a Houston, Texas gallery.

The artists involved in the project are collaborating with businesses and offices in and around Houston in order to highlight art as an integral and necessary distraction in our day to day life. The artists and offices involved in Sisyphus Office are working physically and conceptually with the notions of existentialism, capitalism, artistic romanticism and deadpan slapstickism as a means to examine the artifice that keeps us clinging to reality and distracted from the void.

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