Aug 28, 2009

Roger Corman's Fantastic Four

Well before the 2005 Fantastic Four flick, there was another version, made in 1994 and (sadly) never released. The one big difference between the 2005 and 1994 movie versions, is, well everything.

First of all, the 1994 movie was directed by Roger Corman, legendary B-Movie auteur at the helm of movies like (the original) Little Shop of Horrors and the E.A. Poe films (which have little to nothing to do with the source material. Instead of indulging in special effects, Corman used old-school ingenuity to get through the impossible physics of the movie. The result, though nearly unwatchable, cost a fraction of the later film.

That brings me to the second big difference: budget. Reportedly, the Corman-helmed FF only procured a 1.5 million dollar budget, a far cry from the 100 million dollar production budget of the 2005 Tim Story flick.

Though the 1994 movie never was released, you can satisfy you thirst for the plot by drinking in all the details over at I-Mockery.

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