Aug 29, 2009


Hey, now that I've tackled the potential fun of found art, I feel a need to go into the other, darker side of the same spectrum: hoarding. Hoarding occurs when people are incapable of getting rid of material possessions, and it is usually a manifestation of something internal, such as depression. As Niecy Nash says, "Clutter is an outward expression of an internal thing." So true, Niecy. So true.

The new A&E show, Hoarders, showcases extreme cases of this behavior, and since I've been watching it today, I thought I'd give you the lowdown on it. The show is sort of like Intervention, but the addiction this time is "stuff" instead of drugs. It's not as simple as going in and hauling out all the useless junk in the home. There's a psychological element that goes along with it, and plenty of the people on the show just aren't equipped to deal with it.

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