Oct 12, 2009

Saw VI Trailer

I know it may be ridiculous to decry the lack of plot in a Saw trailer - especially for a sixth installment - but I do believe the filmmakers have let the last few drops of creativity spill out of the bucket this time. Saw V was atrocious on so many levels, especially considering that Jigsaw "died" all the way back in the 3rd installment, so I should not be surprised to see that the trailer reveals absolutely nothing in the way of story. It feels oxymoronic to actually wonder about story in Saw, but I am curious to know how far they can go to keep Jigsaw alive for these flicks. Opens October 23.

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  1. I went to see saw V with my friends. It was awesome and my friends could not watch as they were afraid to watch it. But I bought DVD and I watched it. omg, it was really horrific. I screamed and it forgot to take breathe. I am ready to watch its next series.
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