Oct 26, 2009

Death Troopers

From io9.com:

The storyline for Death Troopers is pretty simple, really — an Imperial prison barge, during the years right before the original Star Wars movie, runs into some engine trouble. Good thing they find a Star Destroyer in the middle of nowhere, which they can cannibalize for parts. Unfortunately, the Star Destroyer has some kind of weird virus on board, which kills everyone it comes into contact with... and the people who die don't stay dead. And that's about it.

I've never really gotten into reading Star Wars fanfic (which is basically what this is), but I might actually end up checking this book out (from the library), because I am, as we know, all about the zombies.

PS: Does anybody think it's bad-ass that a lot more books are coming with their own commercials these days (though I think this one in particular is fan-made)? I certainly do!

[Turns Out There's Something Darker Than The Dark Side]

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