Oct 14, 2009

Kevin Smith - A Back-Door Man

Kevin Smith's new movie, 'A Couple of Dicks', comes out in February, and he's already begun the press circuit for it (sort of). Here he is talking about 'Dicks' on WSJ.com. It's the first flick he's directed that he did not write, and I've seen (or heard) in other places that this might be a better deal for him, director-wise. He's said more than once that 'Dicks' is the sort of buddy cop movie he would have envisioned himself writing, which gives him the freedom of making it his own without it being so personal to his life. He also takes a couple minutes to discuss how he's "a back-door man". Namely, he talks about every "in" he's had in various industries has come in a non-traditional manner (i.e. back-door).

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