Oct 15, 2009

Michael Myers's Many Masks

'Halloween' is a horror franchise that has experienced plenty of ups and downs. Actually, that's not true. Basically, everything from Halloween 2 (or at the very least H3) all the way to Halloween: Resurrection represents a sharp slide downward. Let me put it this way: if it were K2, I wouldn't ski it.

Things got a little better when Rob Zombie signed on to direct a re-make. It was supposed to be a one-off movie, a sleazy piece of artwork lightly tracing over the original. Which was fine, and Zombie did a wonderful job with it. Sadly, ending the first re-make with a certain kind of headshot could not kill the limping juggernaut franchise, and an unfortunate sequel was made, with a third on the way (not directed by Zombie).

But this isn't about the 'Halloween' franchise (even though I nearly slipped off into a rant about it). This is about the masks worn by its irrepressible *protagonist, Michael Myers. Head over to Freddy in Space to view a collection of the worst versions of the Shatner mask ever designed. You'll be surprised at how inept mask designers can be. Walter Matthau eyebrows, really? Really?


  1. I'm pretty sure I owned one of those, though I swear mine looked better.

  2. Oh, I had a TERRIBLE Michael Myers mask when I was younger. Most of them wouldn't be that bad if not for the nearly-neon EYEBROWS. What is up with those? They make the masks look like bad wigs.