Oct 21, 2009

Ninja Gaiden Arcade?

Obviously, I don't remember the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden. Had I played it, I might have never been as big a fan of the console version as I was (and still am). I guess I'm just not into beat-em-ups in general, and with the turtle crawl that is the screen scroll in this game, I can't be blamed for that. I found this video over at Topless Robot:

Ninja Gaiden was one of the hardest games ever for the NES, what with all its regenerating goddamn birds, but it was also widely known as a great one with a badass protagonist and enemies that exploded as soon as you touched them with a sword. The arcade game plays like another game entirely; it's a beat-em-up where you fight guys in Jason masks. And how do you fight them, pray tell? Well, the best way is to do a ninja flip and throw them over your head. It's great.

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