Oct 7, 2009

Jack the Ripper Identity Revealed?

According to the UK Telegraph:

[Historian] Mei Trow used modern police forensic techniques, including psychological and geographical profiling, to identify Robert Mann, a morgue attendant, as the killer.

There has been no shortage of suspects in the Jack the Ripper case - even Patricia Cornwell has put her two cents in - so it should be noted that the "case closed" notion should be taken with an air of skepticism.

However, the evidence here seems to jibe well with the facts in the case, and also may add two victims to the list.

After the killing of Polly Nichols, Jack's first recognised victim, Mann unlocked the mortuary for the police so they could examine the body and as such, was called as a witness in her inquest to help establish the cause of death.

Most damningly, he undressed Polly's body with his assistant, despite being under strict instructions from Inspector Spratling to not touch the body, and Trow suspects that this was an opportunity to admire his handiwork.

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