Oct 26, 2009

Catching Elevators

This is, without a doubt, one of the eeriest and most disturbing news stories I've read this year. It deserves to be read. Go check it out at the Houston Press News. Makes you want to think twice about using the elevator.

She wasn't able to find the Door Open button before the elevator started moving upward. "When you get on an elevator, if it closes on you, it's supposed to open back up," she told officers. "There wasn't any of that. There was no hesitation. The doors shut and it went."

Nikaidoh struggled, trying to shrug out of the elevator, or possibly pull himself inside, she said, but the elevator kept moving upward. The ceiling sliced off most of his head. His left ear, lower lip, teeth and jaw were still attached to his body, which fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft, as the elevator continued moving upward.

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  1. The depiction of what was left is novelistically graphic.