Oct 16, 2009

Race With the Devil (1975)

JoBlo has put up a short feature on one of my favorite cult flicks from the 70s: Race with the Devil.

Two couples on an RV road trip head toward Aspen with visions of having the perfect vacation ... until they go ahead and witness a cult sacrifice. Now they have to outrun, and outthink, what seems to be an entire county of satanic murderers.

It's a movie that, while not very popular, would do well with a re-make. The Moviegoer has said explicitly that it would benefit from being helmed by Rob Zombie, and I'd have to say that I would agree with him. It's tawdry, and gruesome, and is filled with exploitation cliches. It'd be perfect for Zombie to do.


  1. The less popular, fun flicks are the ones that would benefit most from a remake. Who actually needs a remake of a movie already remade by its umpteen sequels?

  2. One of my fav flicks from the 70s. There was some heat for a while about a redo.

  3. I would love to see a re-make of this flick, and thinking about it, I wonder who I would cast in the roles.