Oct 12, 2009

Drag Me to Hell - DVD/Blu-Ray

'Drag Me to Hell' comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, and seeing it reminds me just how much I loved that movie the first time through. It's definitely not what you would expect, judging by the underwhelming trailer, but the movie itself delivers in a big way. It's not trendy in the way that most lobotomized remakes and horror porn duds are these days, so don't go in expecting that. It does have Sam Raimi's odd sense of humor/horror - amongst other things - going for it.

I highly recommend 'DMtH'. The casting is wonderful (Alison Lohman is just crazy hot), there is more blood than the PG-13 rating implies, and the star of the film are the sound effects. If you get 'DMtH' (Blu-Ray on Amazon), make sure you turn the volume up WAY loud to watch it. It'll be worth it.

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