Oct 1, 2009

Harold Ramis on Ghostbusters III

I love Ghostbusters. I love Ghostbusters II a little less, but still I love it. I cannot wait for a third Ghostbusters movie, if, in fact, it happens. Chances are, it will. But I heard about a fourth Indiana Jones movie for a looooong time before it actually hit the screen. In other words, I hope the Ecto 1 isn't a set of interlocked Rascal scooters. That's all I'm saying.

Over at Den of Geek, they recounted an interview with Harold Ramis regarding the potential release of the new movie. Though everything is in a hypothetical state so far, I'm a little giddy to hear the familiar bu-da-da-da-da-dow-dow of the theme song on the screen. Here is what Ramis had to say about it:

He went on to deny that the film is set to deal with the Mayan calendar, and confirmed that, as of yet, no actor has been approached or signed up to appear in the film (save for the confirmation of the returning names). He ended by saying, "Yeah, we definitely are introducing new Ghostbusters. That much is for sure. And there will be inter-dimensional creatures visiting New York. And we will deal with it. That's all I am allowed to say at this point."

Ramis admitted that Dan Aykroyd is the "driving force" of the third film, so it appears that he really is the gatekeeper of this franchise.

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[Harold Ramis on Ghostbusters III
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