Feb 1, 2007

In a Dilly of a Pickle

I've been looking at getting a second job lately, mostly because I wanted some extra hours to help pay off my credit card debt. I've been paying monthly minimums for too long, and I don't want to continue doing that. It's just wasting money.

So, jobs that are open in the evening were just about my only options, and, of those places, another bookstore seemed the right direction. It would be like going from one frying pan into the other frying pan, if you get my drift.

I applied at a particular chain establishment a week and a half ago, and I got a callback today, which is a good thing, I guess. I expected a little longer turnaround from application to first call, but that's okay.

The only problem is, the hours for the job are all wrong. I expected to work part-time, evening and weekend shifts, and instead they hit me with an eleven to seven or twelve to eight shift, and I don't know how well I can handle such a thing, especially at a dollar-and-a-half pay cut. It doesn't seem likely that I'll be able to do that, but I'd like the interview experience, since I don't have any "real" interview experience like that.

I go in for an interview tomorrow, so I'm already thinking of the questions they'll ask me. I don't know. I don't know when I should tell them, "Hey, I don't think this is going to work out, because I'll be working odd hours for a pay cut." I can't be rude, I wouldn't be anyway, but I just am not sure when I'm supposed to drop the knowledge on them.

Well, that's good to get off my chest. Thanks.


  1. Well, there's always the chance that they could offer you some other schedule. And like you said, it's always good to make yourself practice. I hate interviewing. Good luck

  2. i don't have a lot of real interview experience, either. i hope the interview goes well. :)

  3. Update: I ended up cancelling the interview, because I knew I wouldn't take the job and I didn't want to waste anyone's time.