Feb 24, 2007

The Best Kind of Pizza? Free Pizza.

It's a bummy sort of Saturday night. I don't really plan on doing anything but stuffing my face with pizza and watching mooovies with the gal-pal. But those are good once in a while.

Also, since there seems to be some confusion on the NYC situation, I guess I'll need to clarify: not this year. Hold your boos until I've finished. I know. It's a bummer, but LP and I couldn't get the money 'thing' right. There was no way we'd be able to save the money to move up there anytime soon, so it will have to wait. But it will happen sometime in the near future, I promise.

Phew. It's so hard to say that out loud/not out loud. Oh, and update on my personal accomplishments (Conversely, hold your applause): I hit the 300 page mark on the second novel. In fact, I'm almost 320 pages in now. Awesome!

I ran nearly 4 miles the other day pretty much nonstop. I'm well on my way back to the top.

Oh well, I guess that's it. Not too shabby, though, right? I hope the rest of your collective weekend goes well, Blogosphere. Don't be a stranger. But if you do, be a stranger with candy. I gotta go get a pizza.


  1. i'm sorry you're not going to nyc yet. maybe next year?

    320 pages! yes! congrats!

  2. Did I hear "novel?" Ooooh. I love writers. Could you post some snippets?

    Strangers with candy are the best! But only if the candy is chocolate. I can't be snagged for anything less.