Feb 28, 2007

Communistic Grievances

Today's debate in Georgia is about the new HPV shot that the state legislature is trying to get passed for sixth-grade girls.

HPV, which is a leading cause for cervical cancer in women, now has a vaccine shot that would be mandatory, unless the parents opted out for religious reasons.

Opponents claim that it will lead to higer numbers of promiscuity in teens. Which makes sense, because anytime I got a tetanus shot growing up, I'd immediately go out and start stomping on nails. Because I was immune. Duh.

I think this boils down to controlling women's sexuality, and, since this is my blog, you better be damn well prepared to hear my opinion!

It's very subtle. Opponents are saying that, once these upcoming SIXTH graders get the shot, they're going to get hopped up on Boone's Farm and head to the nearest barn with a slew of guys. You know, I can't count on my fingers and toes the times that it happened when I was ELEVEN.

Of any profession, the medical one, I would say, has the least amount of influence over young women, especially women reaching adolescence. Unless, of course, the doctor, after giving the shot, points at the girl's crotch and says, "Now you should go test that thing out!"

Gross, but true. Look at it this way. The people who oppose this kind of legislation are the same people who think that video games cause violence in teenagers, which is an inherent fallacy. Video Games don't make kids violent. Violent kids play video games. Girls who are more likely to be promiscuous are going to be that way whether or not they have the shot. Most, I would think, would act in a rational manner about this.

And the opinion of people at my work. "I think it's 'communitic' to force all girls to take a shot," one woman claimed. "If you don't want HPV, don't be a slut," she continued.

I guess I can't argue with that logic. Maybe it's for that very reason that over 1 in 4 women have the disease.


  1. Oh my god! Can you go kick that woman's ASS for me?! You don't have to be a slut to get a STD, a cheating boyfriend/husband will work just fine!

  2. Oh gees. People are so ignorant! This must be the same one has stated some of the other pearls of wisdom you get from colleagues...

  3. ask her about her herpes next time she has a cold sore.

    ps- jutt will now have beaten you up to nyc, come this weekend. when will it be your turn?