Feb 25, 2007

Got the Resume Blues

I've been working on a Resune for the last few weeks - well, off and on - and I finally thought I had a really solid one.

But apparently that is not the case.

I e-mailed it to someone who sees a lot of resumes, and he blasted it! Well, he gave 'constructive criticism' but I still have a lot of work to do on it.

Did I mention that I hate working on resumes. It's one of the most pointless activities on the face of the planet. Employers look at resumes for about, uh, 20 seconds. It's ridiculous.

Okay, now that I'm done bitchin'.

How's the weekend going? Fine, I suppose. They always go by too fast. Hey, but it's Oscar Weekend! I don't watch the Oscars but I can tell you what won't win Best Picture: The Departed. Oscar voters hate Marty Scorsese. He's been gypped for every film he's put out there. And, come on, you can't tell me that Ordinary People was better than Raging Bull. That was a great movie.

Oh well, see why I can't watch the Oscars? It gets me all discombobulated. I hate, hate, hate, hate award shows. I give these morons (actors) hundreds of my dollars a year. That's how I congratulate them. Sorry. There I go again.

I watched Lucky Number Slevin last night. It was pretty good. Also, so was Along Came Polly, but I'd already seen that a dozen times. "Let it RAIN!!!


  1. Resumes, job interviews, reviews... it's all about selling yourself. I think that's why I hate it so bad. My husband is putting together his resume to job hunt too, so I feel for you.

    Too bad about NY, but keep it in your sights. And congrats on the novel!

  2. Look at how *wrong* you were.

    The Departed (which totally deserved best picture, seeing as how it is the first movie to excite me about movies in a long, long while) won! Marty won! I'm floored.

    Not saying it was his most deserving work, but still. It was deserving.

  3. nice call on the departed.

  4. I'm actually really glad that The Departed won. It was me hedging my bets a little bit.

    And Deadmans Log, I can't post comments on your blog because the damned word verification doesn't show up. Argh!

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