Mar 29, 2007

Writing the Great American Third Novel

So my posts have been fewer and farther between lately, and I blame it all on my new writing schedule, which places me at a coffee shop directly after work until later at night.

I know, all of you out there are so, so, so sad at that. But it's the truth.

And, my Mac doesn't have a wireless card, so I can't just willy-nilly jump on the internet. It's a cop out, but I really have been working hard.

I'm 95 pages into the new book, and if I had to describe it, I'd have to say that it's a hit-man-tries-to-hunt-down-and-kill-a-serial-killer-for-killing-his-partner sort of novel. I don't know. We'll see how it goes. If not well, then there's always the fourth book, eh?

I go to a nice little coffee shop downtown called Hot Corner. It's nice. And big. There's the main room, for ordering coffee and whatnot. You can even check out games like chess and Connect-4 (of course!) to play while you drink your coffee or soda. They even sell these humorously big cans of Jolt! Cola. I had the audacity to drink a whole one a few weeks ago and I was bouncing off the walls afterward.

Beyond the main room, there's a middle breezeway, where all of the smokers go to hang out. This place is often crowded, as there are lots of smokers in Athens. But hey, some of them are attractive, so that's not big deal.

And, wait for it, Hot Corner also has a third room! Isn't this place great? It's an unofficial quiet room. There's no sign up, but it's pretty obvious that it is a quiet room.

For instance, last night, as I was working on my book, the only other guy in the room kept sighing really loudly, as if he was unhappy with my typing. "Uuuuughhhhh," is what it sounded like. I was in the far back corner, as far away as I could be, and I tried to keep my typing noise at a minimum. Besides, there were three or four sets of people screaming at each other at the bar next door. I don't see how I could have distracted him.

But it's a cool place, to say the least. It's like my very own version of Central Perk, only not in New York City.

The third book is going well, though, and I really do think that, so far, it's better than the first two. I hope so anyway.

Another realization I've made lately is that I don't like Matisyahu whatsoever. I don't know if you've heard of him, but Matisyahu is a Hasidic Jew faux-Jamaican white rap artist. I know. And I didn't mind him. He had a song that was very popular on 99x for a good stretch there, and I kind of liked it.

Until I heard the whole album. I did not buy the album, thank God, but I had the pleasure of hearing it twice in one day for about a four day period last week, courtesy of an employee who can't get enough of his stuff. It's ridiculous. And annoying. And just plain bad.

If you get a chance to listen to him, don't. I don't highly recommend him. Have a good day.


  1. Have you submitted any of your writing yet? What were the other books about?

  2. if you send me your stuff, i have 3 good friends in publishing. if you ever want to, you know, get into that sort of writing where OTHER people reading your things. just an idea.

  3. I have submitted some work, Tink. My first novel got universally rejected, but I was still learning a lot then. And still am, I guess.

    KlydeLanta, as far as I remember, I sent you the first book and you never finished it, did you? If you did, tell me what you think, buddy. Your opinion is always appreciated!

    I'll try to send you the second book once I get to take a look at it. I haven't even read it yet!