Mar 8, 2007

Strikeouts for Troops

I know I have a lot of links posted and you don't have much time to check them out, but there's one that pretty cool, if you get a chance. It's called Strikeouts for Troops.

Strikeouts for Troops is a foundation started by now-San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito. For every time one of the players involved gets a strikeout or hits a homerun or something to that effect, that player will donate money to troops recovering at any number of VA hospitals around the nation.

The money goes to the soldiers and their families, obviously, but it helps the families fly out to where their husband/wife is staying so the healing process can be expedited with love as well as medicine.

Here's a testimonial:

My Name is SGT Scott Platts I am stationed at Ft Hood, Texas and I'm an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I would like to thank Barry Zito and the rest of the Major League Baseball players that are participating in the strikeout for troops campaign.

It is great to see that there are professional athletes out there that appreciate what we do. I have a 17.5 years combined military service and this is by far the greatest support I have seen from any of the professional athletes.

I will forever be grateful for the support they show to us service members and their families --especially my wounded comrades. In closing I would like to say that I am sure that all the men and woman will appreciate all they are doing. Thanks again,

SGT Scott Platts

There are plenty more on the site. And who's involved? Barry Zito, of course, Chipper Jones, A-Rod, Dantrelle Willis, Jermaine Dye, and lots of others.

If you'd like to donate or learn more information, Click here.

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