Mar 7, 2007

Some People Really Don't Get Irony

I don't necessarily think I'm the ultimate skeptic - that would be an awfully arrogant thing to say - but I do think that I hold my views very dear and that some of them, most of them, actually, have been borne out of years of questioning society and social norms.

Someone at my workplace told me yesterday that I needed to "question things more." This person barely knows me, and I doubt he really questions things very much himself.

It all started because I got a fact about Rush Limbaugh wrong around him - he is a staunch conservative - and he found the right answer on the internet. Angrily, I might add (He's a lot older than I am. Twice my age, actually).

See, I'd told him that the ACLU had defended Rush in court. In actuality, they had only filed a "friend of the court" document on his behalf, defending his 1st amendment rights. Now, they didn't technically defend him in court - they weren't his lawyers - so I decided to let him have that.

But later in the afternoon, we argued about something else and pulled me into his office (did I mention that he's much higher up in the hierarchy than I am?).

The basic crux of what he said was that I needed to question social policies. Well, that's not it. Basically, he was saying that if I were to question what I believe, then I'd probably come to conservative conclusions.

How hilarious is that? I didn't get angry, but I did have a few hours of self-doubt, until I realized that it was idiotic to let a man's opinion of me make me doubt myself, especially if that man doesn't really know me very well.


  1. Oh gees! That guys sorta sounds like my dad - holidays are fun at my house!

  2. Yeah, stuff like that really gets under my skin...I have no idea. Probably some Oedipal issues I never dealt with!

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