Apr 24, 2007

2nd Place is 1st Awesome - The Writing Contest

I'm a winner, sort of! Today represents the first real indication that my fiction is leading somewhere.

Let me give you all of the news. At first, when I got home last night, I checked my profile and saw that I'd received a few new messages. Turns out, I placed 2nd in an online writing contest called "How Bizzare!"

I was so happy, I could have wet myself.

So, the gal pal and I picked up some celebratory items: cheesecake, beer, her new Simple magazine, and my leftover Japanese food.

Good times, right? Well, when I checked my account again, to revel in having actually placed in something, I found that I had placed 2nd in a Fantasy & Horror contest with another one of my stories. I was elated, to say the least. Not one, but two bits of good information in a single day.

So, for all of you who have been wondering where my time has gone, this is the reason. I've been working on getting published and getting reckognized. You can read my stuff by clicking on the link above. Or by clicking on the "Read My Writing" link below on the table.


  1. Oh my god! That is EXCELLENT news! Wow, that must have really made your day.

    I'll come back and read the links over the weekend.

  2. Great news!! Congratulations.

    Writers always need new challenges, though, y'know. Here's something to feed your creative passion...

    I've been tagged! And now, so have you!! I hope you'll play along.

  3. That's awesome news! Congrats man. I'll be back tomorrow or this weekend to read the stories. Thank you for posting them for us. You know I've been dying to read them.

  4. Just got finished with "Hostile Takeover." Took me long enough huh? I'm on to the next in a minute. I really loved the use of emails, text, and news reports to tell the story. Original and interesting! You write really really well. I only wish it had been a little longer. :)

  5. Just got done with "Excerpt from a Police Report." You know, when I first read the discriptions on the top two stories I thought "Vampires? Seriously?" But you really make it work. Kind of has the spooky realistic feel of "28 days later." Yes, I know, those are zombies. Good stuff.