May 1, 2007

Fall of the House of Soprano - Future of HBO

Needless to say - or maybe not, if you don't know me - the Sopranos is one of my favorite television shows ever. If not for kick-ass comedies like Arrested Development, perhaps it would be my favorite show ever.

But, sadly, the Reign of the Sopranos is coming to an end, as the last episodes are winding down the series.

Which is fine. I expected this to happen someday. But, my question is: what is going to replace the Sopranos as the flagship show for HBO?

There has to be a franchise on which to hang the cable network's hat. The brand will only suffer if a similarly great show cannot take its place. The Sopranos and Sex & the City were the two shows that made HBO Television great. They were smart, hip, funny, YEARS ahead of their time.

And, in a few weeks, both of them will have gone the way of the dodo.

What's next? I like Big Love, but I honestly don't see it becoming the number 1 program on the network. It's a good idea, but it just doesn't have the ooomph that 'THE MODERN MAFIA' does, in reference to the Sopranos.

The truth is, you've got to have something epic to wave at the public, to say, "Look! This is the best we've got, and it's better than everyone else."

Entourage, too, is a good show, but not a leader for the company. Deadwood is gone. Rome is gone. Six Feet Under, kaputz. Same with Carnivale. Ditto Oz.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back, too, for a sixth season, and I'm glad about that, but there has to be something else. What is going to be the big guy? The Wire? I don't think so.


  1. That's why I was shocked when "Deadwood" wasn't renewed. I was under the apparently mistaken impression it was the next big show.

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Well, Season 5 of The Wire (which is the greatest television show of all time and is currently in production) will be the last.

    But, you are right, it will not fill the shoes of the Sopranos. Not because it's not as good, it is actually far superior, it's because it is too hard for your average viewer to follow and stick with.

    their loss.