May 7, 2007

Entourage - A Teenager's Dream

Entourage is really a great show, and I've always associated it with shows like The Sopranos, which, at times, can be extremely violent and filthy.

Thinking back on it, I don't know why I thought that. Entourage is nothing more than a (male) teenager's fantasy. I mean, what guy watches that show and then doesn't want to A) be a movie star or B) have a friend who is a movie star and be a member of his posse.

There's a lot of profanity, but so what? It's intended for adults. And, I don't think that it's excessive. Then again, I don't really think that any show has an excessive amount of cursing.

No violence, unless you count Johnny Drama nailing a dude in the face during a scuffle with Seth Green's own entourage. No nudity, as far back as I can remember. There are lots of girls in bikinis, but that's no different than, say, CSI: Miami. Not that I've ever watched that show.

So what it comes down to is perception. Because it's on HBO, I - and many other people - think that it's inherently a bawdy program. But it's not. I'll repeat: it's a teenage fantasy wrapped up in a big budget.

And I love it.

I only hope that it's able to stick around for a few more seasons. That's the one problem of HBO shows. It takes around ten years for a six-year program to air. See The Sopranos. Entourage has already begun doing the cryptic Season ?/Part 1/2 thing. Which is what Sex & the City, among other shows, did as they finished up.

Of course, I hope this isn't the case with our friends out in Cali.


  1. Entourage is one of those shows I always meant to watch, but never got around too. Thank god for Netflix - it's actually next in line in my que - if I could ever get around to returning the current movies I have.

  2. take out that extra "o" in too. :(

  3. Hey, in case you don't have email notification for comments, I read your stories over the weekend. I'd love to read more when you finish them!