May 5, 2007

Tina Fey is the Real Victim Here

This is the Reason His Daughter Won't Speak to Him

Someone pretty please make sure that Alec Baldwin gets some satisfaction in the custody battle for his - "12, or 11," as he puts it - year-old child, Ireland. Kim Basinger. Yes, you. Fellow Georgian. QUIT IT! Leave Alec alone, or at least tell Ireland to call him once in a while. The two of you play nice with Baldwin.


Because I love "30 Rock." I want to see the show on the air for another few years. You know how hard it is to find sitcoms that are actually funny these days? I would sell your children into slavery to make sure that Alec Baldwin stays on "30 Rock." To me, it's just that damn funny.

According to the NY Times,
Alec Baldwin said on “The View” yesterday that he wanted to quit that NBC sitcom to write a book about “parental alienation.”

Come on. Even Carrot Top wouldn't make that joke. In either case, it's not funny, even though I doubt that Baldwin is joking.

So he called his kid a incosiderate pig. At least he didn't call her a pig f**ker. That would have been overboard.

Besides, how many of you watch "30 Rock?" It's Tina Fey's finest hour. I think it would be horrific if the show were to tank without it being her fault. So, I think it goes without saying, Tina Fey is the real victim in this whole mess.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for blasting Baldwin so badly. Nice alliteration, huh? He's only a pawn in the right-wing media's scheme to end good television and replace it all with CSI spinoffs.

Don't you get it? Liberal actors make for great shows. Not in all cases, but isn't Alec Baldwin the poster boy for everything that (Republicans think) is wrong with America? Are you going to let them ruin a great show and put such a talented writer on her ass?

Also, Tracy Morgan-Jordan is fantastic on the show. There's not a better racial satire on television. Are you a racist? Okay, then, support Alec Baldwin and "30 Rock." Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan-Jordan.Or it will be all your fault.

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