Apr 6, 2007

Today Was a Good Day - Thanks, Ice Cube

Well, today didn't really have anything to do with the formerly great rap artist, but I did, in fact, have a great afternoon/evening.

First of all, I got to leave work early - I begged off of work - to go see the new QT/RR double feature Grindhouse.

In two words: Fan Tastic.

I really liked both movies. AND the trailers in between, which I have been raving about incessantly. Well, the movie exceeded expectations on all fronts, which was great. It was gory and funny and tongue-in-cheek. Sheer fan stuff, but if you like horror, this is the place for you. I loved it, for God's sake!

And then I went out with my friend Bendy. Bendy, it should be noted, is a composite of my friends Ben and Wendy. Anyway, we went to Wild Wing Cafe and got a platter of wings. 25 wings; 5 wings with five flavors. It was great.

See, here's the thing you might not know about me. I love hot food. Spicy is awesome. SO, tonight, I convinced Ben to order five of the Braveheart wings. They're the hottest flavor that Wild Wing Cafe has, so it's customary that I get them.

Needless to say, they were impressively warm and hit the spot.

But, alas, I'm about to hit the hay. I've got a long day at work tomorrow. Tomorrow is the annual G-Day game for the UGA Bulldogs, and they have a scrimmage in the Spring. So, working at a bookstore which sells Bulldawg apparel, I am obligated to work on said day. Boo.

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