Apr 8, 2007

Just Watched: An Inconvenient Truth

I just got finished with An Inconvenient Truth - OnDemand is great - and I have to say that my views haven't changed, but they have definitely been reinforced.

Like, it definitely wasn't a wow movie for me, because I already support VP Gore's plight.

Watching it did make me think that perhaps other people should wake up to this problem. I mean, who doesn't think we are at least partially to blame at this point?

I mean, there are people who think that methane gas produced by cows is as big a threat as CO2. Now, I know that downplaying CO2 is a big part of denial, but come on.

What is easier? Ridding the world of car exhaust, or lowering emissions from bovines? I would think the latter, not the former, would be easier. I'm not trying to downplay cow exhaust - ha! - but we've always had cows, horses, etc. We've not always had cars, so I would guess that cars are more integral to preserving the balance we have in nature.

Of course, I know people who think that Global Warming is bunk. Yeah, I know. You should be surprised that I'm friends with Republicans.

Just kidding.

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