Dec 11, 2006

So the Magic Couldn't Last Forever...

So, I'm sitting on the computer at LP's house, waiting for her TiVo to delete everything on the hard drive.


Because the guys and gals at TiVo have no idea what in the Hell is wrong with the box she got. Simple as that.

As a last resort, they had me delete everything on the hard drive, including the stuff we haven't watched, just so we could see if that would *fix* what is wrong.

And what is wrong? The channel line-up is all wrong. All Effed-up. It sucks, but if deleting everything and restarting the system will work, then I'm all for that. If it doesn't, then TiVo says that it will replace the box. The company damn sure better, for all of the crap that we've gone through over this thing.

But anyway, I'm stuck in that Purgatory of "Well, will it work? When will it work?" It never seems that anything I get works to its fullest potential, and I can't stand it. I know the TiVo isn't mine, but it just seems that something I did screwed it up. That's not the truth, but my touch does the opposite of the King Midas thing.

Other than that, life is grand.

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