Dec 25, 2006

New Transformers Trailer

There's a new Transformers Trailer out on Yahoo! Movies, and I'm now undecided about it. I am more convinced that it will be somewhat more cool than what I originally thought, but I still have my reservations. It still seems as though it will try to be too much. "Independence Day 2", if you will.

It's time that we let Michael Bay in on something: G.I. Joe was the political cartoon of the 80s, Mike. NOT Transformers. We don't need to turn such a fun franchise into some half-assed political statement about Iraq or the Middle East or whatever it is that is plaguing the world in your mind this time.

All right. It's Christmas. I didn't intend for there to be any hostility in my mind, but sometimes Michael Bay makes m'so mad, you know?

Either way, the trailer is pretty cool, although you are able to see the Bots transform in the trailer (sort of). I thought one of the things M-Bay wanted to do was not allow them to be shown transforming before the release of the movie. Oh well. I knew that wouldn't last. It would be like showing clips of Rocky's dialogue only in the previews.

Also, there are previews for Jamie Foxx's new movie, Kingdom, the QT/RR slasher double feater, GrindHouse. Now I ain't no action movie expert, like my buddy Mike Swartzwelder, but Kingdom looks like it's going to kick ASS. It's directed by Peter Berg - Friday Night Lights - and it's also starring Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner and Jeremy Piven. It's about a group of FBI agents working in Saudi Arabia to stop a bomber from killing a group of people. It sounds like high-concept and no story, but I think that P-Berg will be able to balance the two. Hopefully he will.


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    do you think brian (ahem textual amusement) knows about said new trailer for transformers? he is extremely excited about the movie.

  2. I'm sure that he knows, but I'll definitely tell him, if, that is, I ever see him again.