Dec 24, 2006

Do Nothing - I'm a Do Nothing

As promised, I have done absolutely nothing today, except play video games and watch crappy videos on the internet.

The Colbert Report is great for this kind of day. Also, the Masters of Horror series from Showtime works, too, as I have watched one of those - Joe Dante's The Screwfly Solution - and the first disc of An Evening with Kevin Smith 2.

But I don't feel that bad. I wrote 16 pages today, although I haven't read anything. Tomorrow, I believe, will be the day to finish Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I might need to eat something today, as well. Oh, but I'm starting to get sick, and I'm in the state of the sickness where nothing really tastes good, or really tastes like anything at all. That really sucks, but whatever.

Have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS, guys. Or whatever you want to say.

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