Nov 26, 2006

TiVo is Awesome!

I don't pretend to be a techno-ficiado, but today Lady Protocol got TiVo for her 22nd birthday, and even the setup is awesome. If only they could do that with other types of media (ahem, Charter.

I can't wait to not watch t.v. by appointment now. TiVo may be the greatest invention since Dental Dam.

Okay, wait, I have to go set some more crap up...Check ya later.


It's still booting up or whatever it needs to do, so I'll chat with you about TiVo and not so much how it works as much as how to get it to work.

The reason that LP and I didn't get until now - besides the money thing - is that I was convinced that you absolutely had to have a phone line to get started. Supposedly, it was needed to get the system up-and-running.

Myth or Factola: MYTH

You can use a Broadband internet connection to get your TiVo to set up the way that you want to. And, surprisingly, it's a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I always imagined it to be a pain-in-the-ass, but you'd be surprised how smoothly it goes through all the steps, connections, etc.

See, I come from the generation that grew up in the 80s and had the worst technology in the world (or technologies): cassette-based audio and video. VCRs and Cassette Decks were the pitts, man. The first VCR I remember getting was about as big as the television itself and, as far as I know, did not ever get beyond the flashing 12:00 clock (am or pm, I don't know).

Audio cassettes were only a slight bit less intrusive than video cassettes, but you still had the rewind-fast forward functions that drove me up the wall. You could never just start a song at the beginning. You always had to fast forward to it just right to get to the part that you wanted. That's probably why I listened to "Welcome to the Jungle" about seven million more times than the rest of the songs on "Appetite for Destruction."

The only inconvenience about TiVo is that you actually have to sit through the commercials, although I may be wrong about that. Even so, it's still a million times better than being forced to watch television at appointment. Now, LP and I can go and carouse the town of Athens while the TiVo does all the work for us. Wow, did that sound like a plug for TiVo or what?


  1. but you can fast forward thru the commercials, easy like pie. takes about 5 seconds. and congrats on your new tivo and welcome to the 20th century! how many hours is it? and is it hd ready?

    get ready to fight about what gets higher priority in the season pass manager.

  2. It's an 80 hour, dual tuner TiVo. I'm not sure if it's HD ready or not, but it'll be a long time before LP and I get an HD TV.